Barcelona… My Candy Cart Part III

Barcelona, My Candy Cart Part III Walking through La Barceloneta rejuvenates you, it is a youthful, jovial, and fresh meeting point full of energy and the joy of the Catalan People. And from there a few steps after walking through La Barceloneta, bordering the sea and feeling the cool breeze you can take the cable[…]

Barcelona My Candy Cart Part II

Barcelona…My Candy Cart Part II When I returned to Barcelona for the third time I said to myself, ok you almost satisfied your artistic and historical part, it is time to see about your work and what really interests you, and it was there that I got to know something that influenced both, my career[…]

Barcelona…My Candy Cart Part I

Barcelona…My Candy Cart Part I The first time I arrived in Barcelona, I did not imagine what I would experience through the years with this Catalan City. I had heard a lot about It, from friends, and co-workers, in general I thought I had enough information about the city, I even, followed the Olympics Games[…]

Lautoka and Suva … Are Fiji Islands a Paradise?

It was never in my plans to visit Fiji, it was like a fantasy, but at the same time it was not something that was on my bucket list. I watched the movies and imagined a place full of luxuries, combined with natural beauty. Well in my country they sell Fiji water. I said “if[…]

Melbourne Australia and The Queen Victoria Market

I believe that we get to know a country and the culture from their gastronomy. I have the blessing to travel to different cities not only in Australia and New Zealand; all around the globe because of my work and that is what I will like to share with you. When you enter in a[…]

mytravelingchef, a food and travel ADDICT

He started his culinary studies at INAFORP, currently INADEH, while studying at the IINTERAMERICANA University of Panama. He travels to the city of Fort Myers, FL, USA, where he starts his internship with the American Hospitality Academy and the Boykin Management Group, which opens the door for his studies with the American Hotel & Lodging[…]

The Traveling Chef

Cooking and traveling for almost 10 years, my career choice has blossomed into an extraordinary lifelong dedication to the culinary Art Profession. These very personal life experiences are what make me unique and has ultimately created a chef with an uncanny passion for creativity and flavor, melted together with an insatiable appetite for travel. I[…]

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