Barcelona… My Candy Cart Part III

Barcelona, My Candy Cart Part III


Walking through La Barceloneta rejuvenates you, it is a youthful, jovial, and fresh meeting point full of energy and the joy of the Catalan People. And from there a few steps after walking through La Barceloneta, bordering the sea and feeling the cool breeze you can take the cable car that takes you to a charming place where watching the sunset is unique because you can experience a beautiful view of everything you can Discover in Barcelona.

Sunset at Mountjuic Mountain

A good glass of wine and some tapas are not too much, on the other side, you fall in love more with its gastronomy and it is there where the famous Mountjuic Mountain wraps you back into life in Barcelona.

And when night falls and you think that you are exhausted and that everything ends, well that is a mistake, at that time another city wakes up, a place full of lights and more magic. That display of lights and color begins with the Agbar Tower, this impressive structure under the Catalan inspiration and where Gaudí is also involved, not as a designer, only as an inspiration, opens the door to the high-tech part of Barcelona.

Art displayed everywhere, history and structures that for years we had been reading in the schools, an architectural paradise and Life is what this city provides you. Over the years visiting Barcelona led me to more, and my trip did not started with the lions in the Plaza Colon before reaching La Rambla, I went more to supermarkets, shops and of course, where is the chef’s story? Will be your question now.

Well, to be My Traveling Chef you have not told me much about food, yes, I have many gastronomic experiences in this beautiful place, from those that produce a culinary orgasm, to the one that almost leads me to death from a severe allergy. If you dedicate yourself to research what you can do in Barcelona I think you can find hundreds of places that one week would not be enough for you, I could tell you about hundreds of restaurants, plazas, cathedrals, museums and thousands of things that go beyond Las Ramblas, but my intention is to awake that curiosity about a port that has become a city that has become an inspiration, because as the slogan says… Barcelona Inspires.

I am missing many places that I would like to share, and I think your question would be and what happened to Barca? Did you visit it? Well, Barca is not my team, but how to leave the city without going to one of its emblematic engines, without visiting some of the places that provide passion and energy to the city, because yes, the Camp Nou is impressive, in my country we do not have that magnitude of stadiums, that’s why I was impacted and a team like that deserves a stadium like that, simply stunning, and shocking. Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to continue visiting Barcelona, ​​see my friends whom I consider after so many experiences, family and to carry out one of the activities that most fills me with joy, bringing hundreds of people to meet in details the markets.

The company for which I work carried out visits with guests to the Market is a Culinary Tour class with the Chef. But I could not live that alone, so I involved my team to live that experience with me. I will never forget the excitement that we live, walking, dressed in our chef uniform along the boulevards to get to interact with a huge group of people and then prepare unforgettable dishes that they could enjoy. It took us more than half an hour to cover a journey of less than 15 minutes, it was the people asking us what we were doing, taking photos with the group, and many of them following us to see what we were going to do in that famous market.

In short, Barcelona has contributed to my life from the first second, injecting my brain with inspiration, love and wishes to discover much more. I elevated my creativity and fill it with color, aromas, flavors, and experiences that full my heart. If it is in my intentions to return for a longer time?, of course I do and I hope that with my writing you will also feel that curiosity to discover Barcelona and if you have already been there I invite you to get excited with your story, the stories produce in us incredible feelings and what better than to take a few minutes to share them. A good wine, some tapas and I promise to read what you have experienced in that magical place. As I already mentioned, Barcelona became my Candy Cart, with so many sweets that I do not know which one to choose, but at the same time Barcelona Inspires and there is no better slogan for that city.

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