Barcelona My Candy Cart Part II

Barcelona…My Candy Cart Part II

When I returned to Barcelona for the third time I said to myself, ok you almost satisfied your artistic and historical part, it is time to see about your work and what really interests you, and it was there that I got to know something that influenced both, my career as a chef and that opened a window that even allowed me to almost forget about Gaudí. Colors, flavors, aromas, a gastronomic visual carnival, then Barcelona became my Candy Cart. Have your ever been in front of one? They have so much variety that you want to eat everything, well that happened to me and from there I only invested that little free time in one of the best markets that I have been able to appreciate throughout my years traveling, that aroused my curiosity about food.

That experience helped me to research more, want to know and try more products, and sparked my passion for visit many markets around the world. My passion had faded a bit after leaving the United States. I had to start again, start from scratch again in a difficult environment, so I had become a little unmotivated, and that colorful place and full of aromas, noise, and knowledge, sparked that interest that i was losing.

If what I am saying that Barcelona woke up the Chef who was falling asleep. Fruits of all kinds and colors, grains, oils, spices, chocolates, fish, meats, sausages, olives, name them and you will find them there. And it is a place that I recommend visiting as soon as you can.

I imagine you want to know what I did on the second visit, well that was the turn of La Sagrada Familia, but the line was so long again, that I only took the traditional photo and back to work. At the time I continued to visit Barcelona very few times and for very few hours, but I had the opportunity to return for much longer, or disembarked there that allowed me at least a whole day to explore or on vacation for two or three days, allowing me to keep exploring Gaudi’s work in more detail, and combine them with inspiration for my dishes and it was at that time that I was able to visit and get to know the famous Sagrada Familia in detail, inside and out.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is a visual and spiritual experience, and it depends a lot on the mood that you have when you visit it, regardless of the thousands of people who visit it daily, that was my only moment, I never thought I would return, I had already been there only for the traditional photo outside of it, but this time was different, I would not allow anything or anyone to distract me from living that religious experience and looking at every detail that the great Gaudí, as an enigmatic magician, had prepared for me that day, so as a typical tourist, I had my camera, my phone camera, my GoPro, and of course my notes in case I had to write something or draw of if I get any inspiration to draw my dishes.

When I go to places full of emotions and creativity, I get into designing dishes and creating in my world too. So many details carry this work that still under construction inspires you, excites you and makes you very curious. Level after level, closed areas and others super congested, but from the design of the doors, the colors of the windows and going down to the area where the architects are still trying to get into the thoughts of this great Architect, they did not allow me to stop dreaming. Barcelona became for me a place to explore, I wanted to walk every corner and to know everything about it, so walking in the city was very important, I already had a little more time and since I had seasons doing Europe, Barcelona became my port of arrival or departure and those hours were necessary to know a little more each time.

Addicted to maps only marked day by day where i was, and what I wanted to visit the next day or in the next few hours. My purpose changed, I dedicated myself to work non-stop, I did not care about resting in order to know something new every day, something that inspired me and that allowed me to know more about the people from different places I visited.

Barcelona became an endless number of interesting places with history and purpose that allows you to fall in love with that place.


Shopping in Barcelona, ​​I’m sorry, I can’t tell you much about that because my main focus was the works that tell you about the city, and if there comes a point where you want to stop, it’s impossible, the city itself invites you to more and Furthermore, each corner invites you to something new, it is a Living City and for Living people. Afternoons walking on La Rambla, another simple place, but with a lot of magic and where you can spend time discovering art, talents of all kinds and above all, a gastronomic window is just an extraordinary experience, there you find inspiration and ideas for a thousand other things and what is important basically all day , you go up and down as many times and each time something new surprises you.

Back to Gaudí, one morning I woke up with the interest of get in that famous red double-deck buses, the one that almost everyone knows, it seems to me an interesting way to get to know some of the important things in Barcelona, ​​and when many areas of my exploration were covered it was the turn of Park Güell, that in my case provided me a relaxing time among its gardens, color, fresh air, creativity, is like a kind of wakes you up and fills you up, this park of which you also have an incomparable view, leads you to the question that Gaudí created, or that he wanted people to understand his complicated works. I think that what he wanted was to give more Color and energy to Barcelona, ​​he saw the future of that city and had faith that one day his works would attract millions and would provide them with the same essences that provided me, that spark that with color awaken your emotions and your creativity and that was also reflected in their markets.


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