The Traveling Chef

When I chose to become a Chef, I never imagined how very special my life journey would become!!!

Cooking and traveling for almost 10 years, my career choice has blossomed into an extraordinary lifelong dedication to the culinary Art Profession.

These very personal life experiences are what make me unique and has ultimately created a chef with an uncanny passion for creativity and flavor, melted together with an insatiable appetite for travel.

I collected and personalized hundreds of recipes, culinary secrets, cooking techniques, and specialized flavors from the Masters I met worldwide.
From some of the great cuisines including the best luxury Cruise line and interactions with great unknown chefs and cooks, this has ultimately driven my passion to the level of a Certified Culinary Professional on Land and at Sea!!!
My desire is to share and enjoy all that information with you, bring you around the cities that I have been visiting for years and creating a different panorama about their cultures and gastronomy.
My Name is Victor and I invite all of you to travel with me and discover the real and authentic cuisine around the world. 
Enjoy and do not worry, I will do these recipes easy for all of you to make at home and be shared with your loved ones.

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